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Outdoor Furniture – Rockers

amish-rocker-1We are the home of hand painted rockers. We do not spray, we hand paint with a brush in beautiful downtown Monroe.

You ask “Why?”

Due to the humidity in the Georgia climate. Any spray painted rocker would deteriorate quickly in the Georgia humidity, but our painted rockers last much longer.

Reputable Manufacturers

We only use Sherwin Williams Paint and Sherwin WilliamsStain.

Amish Furniture

We use only the finest woods, Hickory and Oak and offer indoor and outdoor options. Whether you are ready to deck out your home or add a great addition to your front porch, We have what you are looking for.

Every piece on the Amish Furniture Factory site is Amish hand crafted in the United States.  The quality of our pieces are top notch, and is offered at incredibly reasonable prices.  Rest assured, you will be getting the “most bang for your buck”  when completing an Amish furniture purchase.

Our pieces are made in Pennsylvania and Ohio , where our manufacturers are hand selected for their level of integrity and reliability.  We constantly search for the best quality pieces to add to our line of quality Amish furniture and home décor.

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